Presentation of the company

Eneftech Innovation was created in 2004 in Switzerland, to market new sustainable energy technologies able to supply combined heat and electricity using renewable energy sources (biomass, solar thermal, geothermal) and / or other heat sources (boilers, exhaust gases, industrial waste heat). Eneftech develops patented micro-turbine systems, based on the highly effective Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). The company’s products are named ENEFCOGEN®.  

Société eneftechThe ENEFCOGEN® product line is designed for applications such as combined heat and power. A 10kWe unit based on a modular design, makes it perfect for the residential and industrial buildings. A 30 kW unit is aiming at the industrial waste heat recovery applications. The advantages of ENEFCOGEN® over competing technologies include its efficiency, reliability, low capital cost with reduced maintenance, and its very favourable heat / power ratio.

Internationally patented, Eneftech technology enables an optimized cost of micro-cogeneration for a wide range of new applications. The core technology is based on the innovative concept of hermetic Scroll expanders within an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) - a thermodynamic cycle capable to produce electricity from low temperature heat sources. Eneftech’s unique design for the two-stage scroll expander results in a compact and highly efficient unit, and because it is a hermetic system, it is suitable for use with a variety of working fluids. Eneftech turbines can be used either for :

  • Waste heat recovery applications from industrial processes ;
  • Bottoming cycle applications (exhaust gaz recovery) ;
  • Residential and industrial buildings applications in combined heat and power ;
  • Automotive applications for hybrid vehicles.
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